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Providing sound independent beef nutrition and management consulting services to cattle producers and the industry.


“With increasing costs and tighter margins, maintaining a high level of productive efficiency is needed to be profitable. Providing a balanced nutrition program is a big part of the management plan to meet these goals.”

- Barry Yaremcio 

Yaremcio Ag Consulting is an independent nutrition service for cow-calf and backgrounding operations. Using feed test results, feeding programs are developed for the various types of animals on a farm. Home grown feeds are used as much as possible to meet animal needs and minimize winter feeding costs. When custom minerals, premixes, or supplements are required, they are designed to meet requirements and then are tendered out for pricing.


  • feed & water samples

  • build rations

  • custom mineral development

  • optimize use of homegrown feeds to minimize costs

  • inventory control 

  • develop grain mixes and/or total mixed rations

  • breakdown of costs between homegrown and purchased feeds

beef-consultant- alberta.jpg
  • use herd production and health records to evaluate herd performance

  • cattle facilities

  • barns​

  • silage pits

  • cattle herd productivity

  • evaluation herd records

Touring your farm or ranch is a critical part of evaluating your operation and understanding your management objectives. We'll talk about feeding programs, cattle management, and sort through the details to provide you with a sound plan to increase production and decrease costs.

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Over the years, we have researched and delivered many presentations to various producers and at professional meetings. Topics have ranged from animal nutrition and management, forage quality, development of replacement heifers, and feeding 4-H calves.

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